SUPER SUNDAY!! (5-07-08)

Just a couple of quick announcements.  Things have been busy, both from an organizational standpoint as well as the fact that the last weekend was comprised of preparing, and (for me and my daughters) participating in—the wedding extraordinaire of Sis. Karissa Horton and her husband, Bro. Adam King—At the Sacramento Rock Church.


Beautiful as could be, and possibly the only time one will ever hear the word “imprimatur” used in a prayer over a bride and groom (one must understand Bro. Nathaniel Wilson’s facility with the English language to know it really wasn’t that out of place).


Anyhow . . .


Redding's HOPE CENTER Announces The Following, Blockbuster Event:

That's right.. An entire Sunday specifically geared to the interests, attention spans, and VOLUME--of children.  Come join us at HOPE CENTER, Sunday, May 18th, from 1 to 3 PM for our Kids' SUPER SUNDAY service!

This service promises to not only be a service replete with prizes, laughter, light shows, comedy, skits, songs and fabulous feats of sleight-of-hand, but also a service that will place children within the very presence of the Holy Ghost.

Come and JOIN us!!!  And BRING the most important people needed at the service:  YOUR KIDS!!!

Needless to say, this event is also:

(the best news of all)


Jr. Youth Camp Car Wash

Redding's Hope Center will be having a fundraiser/carwash  Saturday, May 10th, from 9-AM until 3PM.  There are advance tickets available for a base fee of $3.00 (just ask loud enough for them), or one can just show up at the church without a ticket and give a love offering.

Of course, those that purchased a ticket may also feel free to be overcome with a sudden fit of financial magnanimity.  Our children need/and are looking forward to Jr. Camp.  Let's help get them there.

Onward . . . .

Bro. Ron Giesecke