The very fact that summer has raced by literally begs the question: what exactly has been going on at Hope Center?


Well, if you live in this area, you know that the sum total of smoke from fires stemming from a June 21st electrical storm has had all of us coughing and squinting our way through the day.  Only now are we beginning to take for granted a blue sky and air that doesn’t hurt on its way down.


But through all of that, we have seen much happen nonetheless.  The Youth of Hope Center were the beneficiaries of not one—but two youth camps.  And nearly back-to-back.  Many life-changing things were wrought of the Holy Ghost in both camps.  The latter—know as Freedom Week—is summed up thus by our tireless youth leader, Bro. Peter Hurst:


    In the day and age we live in, young people are thrown into a fast paced, intense world that makes it difficult for them to learn to feel after the slow, deep, and powerful move of God.  July turned out to be an incredible month for our youth group and children.  July began with Senior Freedom Week. By Wednesday night of that week we had 2 receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  That same night, nearly everyone that went down experienced an incredible and personal touch from our Master and Friend, Jesus.  The following week was another time of rejoicing with our Junior Freedom Week.  Again, our youth experienced a life changing time with God, and several received the Holy Ghost for the first time.  Many wonderful things are happening and July was a month in which we began an exciting new ministry—Common Ground.


Junior Camp for the smaller proved no less fruitful, with over 30 kids receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost—to include three of our very own.  And as is the case with camps, some were recognized for either various exemplary behaviors, or their willingness to let God work through them at crucial moments.

Rahtavian Matthews was given camper of the week award, Spencer Bobo was given the most inspirational award. Rahtavian Matthews and Adam Yount were given Camper of the day awards.

On a similar note Clara Giesecke was given the Holy Ghost Girl award—one that merely acknowledges God’s presence all over here during the altar services.

Hope Center Youth also had a rousing scavenger hunt—one that balkanized them into various teams and had them scurrying around town trying to circumnavigate with clues written by yours truly (Brother Hurst apparently understanding that I am an expert at creating confusion with the written word).  They said I did good.  I’ll take their word for it.

Then of course, was the mother-daughter sleepover at the Bobo’s house.  Judging from the sleepy-eyed arrival of my own wife and daughters the next day, one can conclude it was a lot of fun (with the kind of open-eyed insanity that can only be perpetuated by little girls).  This is hopefully a precursor to many more to come—with the priceless bonding of sisters—both familial as well as spiritual.

The Women of Hope’s Saturday Car Wash was a full day of heat, fellowship, and good-old elbow grease.  Which also managed to take in $203.00 to boot.  A big thanks you to all to helped!

God Talk is stated by all involved to be “simply awesome!”

As stated above, last week also saw the inauguration of Common Ground—a parent-free environment for the youth to discuss the issues and concerns with the ministry in a roundtable format.  It promises to be edifying, instructive, and interesting.

Chances, are my own omissions here will require a supplemental newsletter.  The brain’s synapses certainly have enough firepower to predict what it cannot provide at the moment.