It’s not like I didn’t say this would happen, but . . . turns out there’s plenty more that requires this supplemental sendout.  Especially with reagard to this week's happenings.


  In brief:



All this week (starting with tonight, at which you may have been present) starting at 7:30 Pm at the church, is our Prayer and Fasting Revival.  Tonight’s service included communion (with what comes to mid as the first time the fresh fruit of the vine was milled out by hand) and a foot washing service, followed by prayer.  Commitments to pray and fast are requested.





Friday night, August 22nd is the Women of Hope's God Talk. Location is still in limbo, but check the announcement list on the front page. 



Common Ground—the previously explained youth meeting will on Friday Aug. 29.  Standard practice is that only ministry and/or predetermined adults attend.  Most have already received the larger, explanatory notes on this. For more information, please contact Bro. Hurst.



 Daughters of Zion prayer meeting on Monday Sept. 1 (Labor Day)


Discipleship classes are set to begin again in Sept.  If someone wants to make up classes from the last session they may have missed, or wish to earn a certificate of completion they may attend again and cover what they've missed.



Revival September 3-7 and 10-14 with Bro. Steven Barker.  "Friends Sunday" on Sept. 14. Don’t miss this.  Bro. Barker has both a heart for young people and a spirit that draws them in.



Hope Center Redding, Music Conference September 24 – 28. No further details on this as of yet, but clarifications can be gained by contacting either Bro. Or Sis. Bobo, or Sis. Debbie Roberts. These events will culminate with a Holy Ghost Concert Sun. Sept 28.



 Women of Hope Center Ladies Conference October 24-28 with Sis. Clayborn. Details are still in the planning stages as of yet.


Onward . . .