Rev. Paul price--This Tuesday (4-6-08)

Dear Saint of God,

Theoretically, I should have gotten on the horn and sounded the call that the esteemed Paul Price would be preaching today (Sunday).  Alas, I did not. If you were not there today, you missed an incredible service--concluding with three baptisms to boot!

Fortunately ,Tuesday night provides some redemptive margins, as Brother Price is going to be preaching/teaching again with a message he believes the Lord has for the Redding Hope Center.

And if you are unfamiliar with Bro. Price, please come and familiarize yourself with him.  He is an unmitigated treasure to the church, and has an unfailing love for young people--and don't let his amassed years fool you--he is as young anyone in spirit.  And that's more than a mere cliché, believe me.

Bro. Price is also one of the slated speakers for our Pastoral Installation services, April 26th, and 27th.  Speaking of which:


Those wishing to attend--please consult the flyer above.  SEE YOU THERE!!

Bro. Ron Giesecke