Renovation and Regeneration (4-16-08)

Well . . . the church renovation, both internal and external is coming along swimmingly. Sunday night’s inaugural push had the place literally crawling with people; men unbolting and moving the copious amount of pews from the auditorium and inadvertently playing a real-world game of Tetris trying to fit them into the back rooms—on atop another, and one stack aside another.

The women started clearing the auditorium of everything else that would hinder either painting or a massive carpet installation. Sis. Cindy Gentles had some sort of landscape fine-tuning going on out front, and the children . . . well, you know how children are.

I had to leave, but managed to make it back in Tuesday afternoon (yesterday). Somewhere along even the darkest hours of night and morning, the entire auditorium was painted anew, molding was placed around the main windows, bases and doorways, the carpet was extracted (with the exception of the platform area), and the new carpet laid in its tentative position. Needless to say, the ones who put in the time and effort to accomplish an astonishing amount of work in such a short time will be commended here by name—just as soon as I nail down all the names specifically. Although it already goes without saying that our dear pastor, Scott Bobo, has a labor-to-outcome ratio that is almost otherworldly. I made the joke last night that someone that can work as steadily and as fast for nineteen straight hours like him on a constant basis “can’t be human.” His son, Miles, said “I know. Believe me, He isn’t.”

The somewhat-chronologically-aligned pictures can be viewed here.

Tuesday night, a prayer meeting was held in lieu of regular bible study, as amplification and seating was also tentative. A host of prayer requests were brought forth, including a continued push in prayer for Sis. Bethani Roam, whose complications with her recent liver transplant are presumably in a holding pattern. Hold her up in prayer, along with her family. There's a lot of faith in that diminutive frame of hers, and any attempts to encourage her usually result in her encouraging others.

Thanks again to Sis. Abigail Roberts, whose continuing photographic pursuits will be chronicling the entire transformation of the Hope Center auditorium. Which leads to one last bit of business:



As one looks about the auditorium, it already becomes apparent that the red pews atop the new carpet (to which I cannot competently assign a color right now) are temporary at best. This new carpet, when seen through this mental image, literally begs the question about the purchase of new, interlocking, high-comfort chairs. An informal talk was had at the end of the prayer meeting about this potential. Bro. Bobo simply wanted all to understand the cost (approximately 62 dollars apiece, assuming no discounts), and just asked that an informal poll be taken as to how many families would be willing to allay the cost of something like this, by considering buying a set of chairs that equal their family attendance, along with a couple more.

This is simply in the discussion phase, and merely something to give Bro. Bobo a sense of its do-ability. And just something to keep in mind at church, if the discussion arises. I’m doing my part here to simply let everyone in on the conversation from last night.

More to come.


Bro. Ron Giesecke