Pastoral Installation (4-1-08)

So . . . here it is. The inaugural Hope Center newsletter. We certainly “hope” this reaches you in peace (and with all the intact, embedded html codes in the right place).

Newsletters of course beg the question, to which the answer is “Yes, we do have news to bring.” And it isn’t small news, either. Thus: 

Come and join us, Saturday , April 26th at 6PM for the first of two services honoring the installation of our recently-elected pastor, Bro. Scott Bobo, and his family. Slated to speak are the “priceless” Rev. Paul Price, along with Bro. David Elms.

Sunday, April 27th, at 2PM, the festivities continue, with lots of food, fun fellowship, and continued exhortations by Reverend Elms, along with the Rev. B.J. Wilmoth.


H20 Youth Party, this Friday, April 4th. Location: still to be announced (and it is presumed that the location for said party will be announced sometime during the course of Thursday’s H20 Youth service). It is at 7PM . . . somewhere.

DAUGHTERS OF ZION PRAYER MEETING:  Noon, April 7th.  At the church.

WOMEN'S MINISTRIES QUESTIONNAIRE:  A note to all the ladies: Extra forms are available in the church foyer.  Failing that, please see Sis. Nicole Giesecke, and have it turned in to her by April 10th.


A couple of housekeeping notes. Though I may have great editorial instincts, I also have terrible organizational talent. This means that the minute I send this off, my wife will most likely point out something of major importance that I’ve forgotten. Therefore, follow up missives may be in your box shortly after this one.

And one final note: In order to facilitate the newsletter sign-up process, it would be helpful to me if, if you’ve read this, that you would kindly forward it to those whom you feel it would benefit. Your esteemed editor recently clicked the wrong button while writing a proxy letter, and sent the twenty-something subscription sign-ups into the electronic ash heap. I think I managed to reverse-engineer about half of you back into the address book. But if you have the addresses of others in the church, please send it along. They can simply click here to sign up again.

In Jesus’ Name,

Bro. Ron Giesecke