Pastor Installation--Part Deux (4-30-08)

The second of our Pastor Installation Services was every bit as good as the first, with marked differences as well. It wasn’t stated as such but the preaching roster was comprised of the three men of God to which Bro. Bobo has submitted his accountability: Bro. Price, Bro. Elms, and Bro. Wilmoth.

Bros. Elms and Wilmoth continued the preaching at the second service (Bro. Price having left after preaching the opening night), with Bro. Elms offering further words of edification for the congregation of Hope Center.

Bro. Wilmoth, however, plumbed a bit deeper, with a message about our Apostolic Identity. This included a brief historical look at the Assemblies of God, and how our marked differences with them now all began with same, Apostolic root.

Bro. Wilmoth indicated just how well the denominal (albeit self-labeled pentecostal) congregations have cultivated a strong penchant for praise and worship, and also for prayer fundamentals themselves. And aside from the obvious differences with regards to physical separations observed by Apostolics, that the thing that sets us apart from the denominal world is tongues—not the casual manifestation of them—but the fervent language that was engendered to allow a direct prayer to God. If we lose the essentiality of this, we lose everything else in turn.

He also cited alarming statistics—a trend that indicates that the emphasis and manifestation of tongues among Apostolic congregations is declining—a trajectory that has danger waiting around the corner.

Of course, your humble editor here is trying to distill into print something delivered under the anointing. I make no illusions that my recap has any of the impact, but it seemed appropriate to at least chronicle the sum total of what you missed if you weren’t there.

The services concluded and were capped off by a tradition we as Apostolics are likely never to shun: the potluck. In this case we a regrouped at Redding’s Caldwell park, for an indoor buffet that was rife with every imaginable meat dish, casserole, salad, dessert, entrée, side dish and napkin-depleting drip-dishes. I had to restrain myself, before my culinary liberalism made me look like a weeble when I got to baseball diamond.

The whole thing came to a head when we crossed the road for a casual-and-quite-populated baseball game. 35 to a team? I’d say the coverage was there. I understand there was actual grass out there, but I never saw it.

Lastly. Many of us got our first glimpse of Sis. Bethani since her liver transplant a while back. The Lord has brought her through much, and her strength and optimism in God is contagious. We pray God’s continued hand in her life as well as her family’s.

Oh, and there are further pictures here. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of front-loading them when I uploaded them to the server, so the pictures, while in chronological order within each day, are out of order day-wise in the larger sense.

Onward . . .

Bro. Ron Giesecke