Pastor Installation Service(s) Bulletin (4-26-08)

I employ the term "bulletin" here simply because of time constraints--and the fact that I'm simply going to point you to the photographic record of tonight's service--until I have the time to write a fuller, point-by-point boiling down of both services.

Suffice it to say, it was a beautiful first service, with many that have not graced the church with their presence in many moons.  Bothers Price and Elms delivered anointed preaching, with messages that really had dual value to both Bro. Bobo as the Man of God for Hope Center, and for those of us sitting under him as his saints.  One thing is for certain: We must get behind our pastor and hold up his hands.

Musically speaking, things are running at an optimum click as well.  The renovation saw to it that our drummer now exists as an organic part of the orchestra--and not banished 40 feet away to the fish bowl.  The sound department has been working overtime to dial in frequency calibrations, balances, and monitor problems.  And after doing all that they still manage to find time to figure out how the Giant's game leaks through the mains at the wrong time.  Hat's off to them.

The music was fantastic tonight, even if I do say so my guitar-wielding self.

Anyway, more on the whole picture . . . tomorrow evening.  Hopefully.  And as far as the rest of the pictures?  Well, you can either click on the picture of Bro. Bobo being prayed for by Bro. BJ Wilmouth, or by simply clicking  here.

Onward . . .

Bro. Ron Giesecke