Correction and Building Update (4-14-08)

I have no idea who actually said "haste makes waste," but I think I'd like to personally attribute it to anyone whose gaffe has caused them years of painful reverberation, like Harry Von Zell, the radio announcer who, in 1931, mistakenly introduced a sitting United States President as "Hoobert Heever."

That said, I'd like to correct the following, egregious statement of faith:

There is simply no reason to believe in the healing power of God in this matter--this time as well.

And amend it with:

There is simply no reason not to believe in the healing power of God in this matter--this time as well.

One word.  Whole new meaning.


When I walked out of Hope Center's sanctuary last night, it looked something like this:

That's right, the center pews were already removed in anticipation of the new carpet coming in this week.  Bro. Richie Opdyke was taping up the essentials in preparation of using an airless paint device the next morning.  I understand the whole property looks like an ant colony with all the hands on deck to bring these changes about.

There have been more changes than just this, and this is presumably being covered by church photojournalist, Abigail Roberts--in fact it was her whole wonderful idea to share the changes in this newsletter--as not only a point of intrigue for visitors, but as a rallying curiosity for those we don't see as often as we'd like.  As soon as she checks in with me, I'll post the whole, chronological rundown.


All these changes, Lord Willing, will be completed in time to celebrate the Installation of Bro. Scott Bobo as Hope Center's new pastor.  Details are as follows:









Lastly.  I promise that the missing "details" on the website--the explanatory fields, the ministry synopses, and the few empty closets in here will be remedied soon.  Those omissions are entirely my responsibility.

And please pray for Sis, Bethany Roam.  She should be in San Francisco by now.

Bro. Ron Giesecke