2009: A year Of Excellence And Change

This newsletter presents what philosophers like to call a Gordian Knot—just how in the world does one go about recapitulating everything that has happened at Hope Center since the last newsletter, without getting bogged down in details, but without missing the larger picture?

Or . . . I could ask myself rhetorical questions like the one above, and still not be able to answer it. At least not without at least trying to recap the highlights.

First of all, we’ve had a number of notable ministers take to the pulpit. Bro’s Price and Barker, just to name two, both bringing messages particularly calibrated to Hope Center’s first year under new leadership and nomenclature.

The Holy Ghost has not been in short supply, either. 10 baptisms, and a considerable number of beautiful, shiny new faces are gracing the pews . . . wait, I mean chairs . . I mean interconnecting rows of chairs that replicate the communal, pew-like feeling. Anyway, many of the new folks are energetic, and already rolling up their sleeves and tossing in. God has truly blessed!

We’ve also gained in the ministerial department, and recovered what was in effect a net loss. By that I mean Sis. Karissa (formerly of the surname Horton) moved to Sacramento a few years back, and manages to meet a suave young piano virtuoso/minister named Adam. They get married, and move to Oregon. Now, in full circle, Sis. Karissa King has returned home to the Redding church while someone else laments a severe musical and ministerial loss. The Lord giveth . . . and, well . . . you know the rest.

Most of the new stuff is still clicking right along. God Talk (Women of Hope), and Common Ground (H2O Youth Division) have made headway, and continue forward. Bro. Bobo’s vision for 2009, “Pursuit of Excellence”, has the church currently marshaled into subsets of “teams,” all committed to winning souls, and getting the truth out to our fellow man. And the visitors just keep coming. Rarely is there a Sunday when a new face isn’t seen sitting under Hope Center’s ceiling.

On top of all of this, we managed to fit in two conferences: One for the ladies, and one for music.

Needless to say “Change” is a theme not reserved to the candidacy, election and inauguration of America’s 44th President. It seems to be in the air, period, and seems tosimultaneously exist in the peaks as well as the valleys. Speaking of America, remember to pray for our new President. And remember this a few years from now: He did actually have dark hair once.

So here we are heading into yet another revival. Bro. Cody Marks is slated to preach this Thursday and Friday night. You don’t want to miss it. If the last year is any indication of what’s ahead, then things are about to go nuclear.

In Jesus’ Name

Bro. Ron Giesecke